Help my puppy is destroying my house!!

My daughter texted me a couple of days ago and said her dachshund Maddie had destroyed yet another pair of her glasses…..”I don’t know what to do” she said. so I got on to “google” (what would we do without google lol) and came across this website which gave lots of good pointers. Luckily my dachshund didn’t have to bad of chewing stage when she was young maybe cause I was able to be home with her more and she didn’t get as bored. 


Whelp ID collars – Puppy ID Bands


Whelp ID collars – Puppy ID Bands – 12 Different Colors: Soft Fabric Velcro, Adjustable

This is the coolest ever…I have had several litters of puppies in the past and they all blend in lol…wished I would have known about this earlier…and I LOVE how colorful they are. Whelp ID collars are made from strips of soft fabric Velcro wrap-around and are easy to adjust as the puppy or kitten grows.

Colorful Whelp ID collars are designed to aid the discerning breeder to identify each newborn puppy or kitten from birth until the time they leave for their forever home. They are of particular help when littermates are identical looking to each other and have no distinguishing markings or coat colors.

The brightly colored Whelp ID collars make it easy to keep track of each puppy or kitten’s weight gain as they develop, to check appropriate food consumption at feeding time, and monitor health and behaviors. The different colors can also make puppy/kitten selection and matching to their future owners that much more accurate.

Fighting like Cats and Dogs!!!

You always hear the term “fighting like cats and dogs” but I have come to realize they can be the best of friends–we got a new pet in the house about 2 weeks ago a little yellow and white kitty and we have had the most fun watching him play with Annie. Almost from sun-up to bed-time they are either playing or sleeping 🙂 Annie will get up in a heartbeat though if you start sweet talking the kitty she is soooo jealous of us paying attention the the kitty. But needless to say they have become the best of friends.

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Puppies and cell phones

Puppies and cell phones don’t really go together except for taking snap shots of them…Inappropriate chewing is a fairly common problem in young dogs and stems from the fact that puppies use their mouths as a means of exploring the world around them. Chewing is a normal behavior for puppies but becomes undesirable behavior when it is directed towards inappropriate objects such as your shoes, furniture, or even your hands and feet. If inappropriate chewing is not corrected then it can lead to wide scale destruction of personal property, medical problems and erosion of the human-animal bond.

puppies and phones

A dog’s deciduous teeth will erupt between three to eight weeks of age and around four to six months of age these teeth will be gradually replaced with permanent teeth. Teething is a painful process and puppies chew more Continue reading