Help my puppy is destroying my house!!

My daughter texted me a couple of days ago and said her dachshund Maddie had destroyed yet another pair of her glasses…..”I don’t know what to do” she said. so I got on to “google” (what would we do without google lol) and came across this website which gave lots of good pointers. Luckily my dachshund didn’t have to bad of chewing stage when she was young maybe cause I was able to be home with her more and she didn’t get as bored. 


Baby puppies

Baby puppies…There is nothing like a baby puppy 🙂 I get to puppy-sit for my daughter since she got a dapple dachshund and wow is the baby puppy hyper…she gives my 3 year old daschy a good workout. I think she needs some rubber toys to chew on though since she wants to bite everything and her teeth hurt :/ any advice?