Baby puppies

Baby puppies…There is nothing like a baby puppy 🙂 I get to puppy-sit for my daughter since she got a dapple dachshund and wow is the baby puppy hyper…she gives my 3 year old daschy a good workout. I think she needs some rubber toys to chew on though since she wants to bite everything and her teeth hurt :/ any advice?


Baby Dachshund!!!!

My daughter just got a new little baby girl 🙂 almost makes me want to get one. You gotta love little baby puppies

Fighting like Cats and Dogs!!!

You always hear the term “fighting like cats and dogs” but I have come to realize they can be the best of friends–we got a new pet in the house about 2 weeks ago a little yellow and white kitty and we have had the most fun watching him play with Annie. Almost from sun-up to bed-time they are either playing or sleeping 🙂 Annie will get up in a heartbeat though if you start sweet talking the kitty she is soooo jealous of us paying attention the the kitty. But needless to say they have become the best of friends.

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March 14,1987

I became a wife to my best friend at the young age of 15 (1month shy of 16) now 26 year’s later I am also the proud Mom of 4 wonderful kid’s and a pretty good son-in-law oh and I can’t forget my little 4 legged friend:) sweet Annie . I am truly blessed.