Puppies aren’t born bad

Puppies aren’t born bad — they are trained to be bad! (or good)

I have just found myself the foster parent of a soon to be 8 week old husky puppy. It’s my job to socialize this little darling as much as I can between now and when I find her a suitable home. She was turned over to animal control (along with her mother), because the previous owners could not afford to feed them any longer.

She’s just as cute as cute can be, and Continue reading


Leash Training A Puppy

leash training a puppy is well worth the work but remember A puppy has a lot to learn when he moves into a new home. He has to learn the house rules; he has to learn when and where it is appropriate to potty; he has to learn to wear a collar, and he even has to learn to respond to his name when called. While it seems that simply walking on a leash should come easily to a young puppy, that is not always so. Continue reading