Annie arrived in our life after a tragic accident with our 4 kids. August of 2010 our 4 kids  Hannah 22; Joy 21; Tim almost 16; and Daniel 14 were traveling home and the Honda car they were in slid on the wet pavement and they were t-boned by a full sized pick-up.  Joy was driving and Tim was behind her they were hurt the worst.  Joy was in ICU for 4 days with multiple breaks and concussion, Tim was airlifted to Nashville with collapsed lungs, broken ribs and concussion,  Daniel was in hospital for 2 days with broken pelvis bone, Hannah was kept overnight for observation but released the next morning.

So with all of 4 of our kids in the hospital that night we were praying non-stop and walking the halls. Within 4 days they were all back home with us thank the Lord but we had a long road of recovery ahead of us. Joy took the longest and as she was healing she said she would heal faster with a Daschy so We had everyone on the lookout for the perfect  baby daschy.  She was finally located in Kentucky by some friends   so we met up with them and we ALL fell in love with this beautiful baby girl…she was so tiny and we had way to many people wanting to hold her lol. Then came the hard part of naming her….after lots of thinking we came up with Annie.

It’s been 3 years since the accident..all 4 kids have all healed completely and no lasting complications. Annie is a full blooded miniature Dachshund (but it wouldn’t matter if she was a mutt) and is a HUGE part of our family.

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  1. Hey, thank you for following my blog, that means a lot to me. I have now had a look at yours and returned the follow because it seems lovely with lots of useful information that people really should take note of. Thanks again! p.s. your little Dachshund is adorable!

  2. aahhhh… glad you are all fine, such a cute pic. Thank for running by my ice cream stand!

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