To Blog Or Not To Blog!!

To Blog Or Not To Blog!! This was the question I asked myself daily. But I keep plowing thru and learning as I go.

Review 1 of 149 – I have read a few books on blogging and earning money online, and this one is unique for it’s straightforward approach. The steps are digestible, not overwhelming, and logical. There’s so much rubbish written about getting rich overnight on the internet, and it’s refreshing to read that it takes time and diligence! I’ve had a blog for a couple of years, and I found a lot here that I could use. Thank you!

Review 2 of 149 By Brianon August 24, 2012
When I decided to start a blog earlier this year, I really had no idea how to begin or what it would take. Bob outlines the process from the beginning in a very easy to understand format. I was up and running quicker and more smoothly than if I had tried to do it on my own.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who is considering blogging. It gives you a realistic portrayal of the commitment it takes to be successful.
They even have blog for dummies 🙂 So folks what should I do….To Blog Or Not To Blog!!Image

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