Leash Training A Puppy

leash training a puppy is well worth the work but remember A puppy has a lot to learn when he moves into a new home. He has to learn the house rules; he has to learn when and where it is appropriate to potty; he has to learn to wear a collar, and he even has to learn to respond to his name when called. While it seems that simply walking on a leash should come easily to a young puppy, that is not always so. With so many new experiences and responsibilities, a puppy may find leash training a bit challenging. There are a few tips for successfully leash training a puppy.

The collar comes before the leash. Let the puppy familiarize himself with the feel of his collar or harness before strapping on a leash. He will likely be so distracted by the feel of the collar around his neck, and the challenge of removing it, that he loses sight of much else. Our dog spent most of a day trying to rid himself of his collar. Every time he would remember its presence–he seemed to forget that anyone or anything else was in the room. Since you want the dog to be comfortable and less frightened by the leash training process, it is best to work up to the leash only after he has lost interest in the collar or harness.

Begin leash training a puppy after mastering a few other basic skills. Once your puppy responds to his name and a few commands such as the come or sit commands, he may be ready to learn to walk with you without a leash. We skipped this step with one of our dogs, and leash training was a struggle. He had not learned to listen and obey our commands, and we had not developed the skills to convince him that we were in charge. Obviously, leash training is easier if the dog and owners have established roles and are at least beginning obedience training.

Introduce the leash without expecting a walk. Attaching the leash to the puppy’s collar lets him adapt to the feel of the strange new toy. Yes, the puppy will likely view the leash as a trendy new chew rope, so he should only be attached to his leash when he is well supervised. There are many different sizes for different size dogs too so look at the labels.

Begin leash training a puppy inside the house, then move outdoors. Once the puppy understands that his leash is just a dull extension of his collar and follows some of your rules and commands, he may be ready to begin walking on the leash. You will find it easier in many cases to begin leash training inside the house where there are fewer sights, sounds, smells and entertaining distractions. Try to maintain a loose leash, using the same words and commands that you used when walking about the house with him without a leash. Once you can safely manage him inside; venture outside on the leash.

Accept that leash training a puppy takes time. Patience and consistency are necessary for all aspects of dog training, and leash training is no exception. Puppies have short attention spans and many things to learn and explore. Leash training will not be accomplished in a day, or even in a week for most puppies. Make leash training sessions short and non-stressful, but, be consistent in commands and expectations.

Avoid pulling the leash. What happens when you pull or tug on the puppy’s leash? He becomes either frightened or defiant. You certainly do not want to teach him to pull against you. It is necessary to use verbal commands and praise when he is walking well with you and exhibiting proper behavior. If he pulls, simply stop walking and wait for him to realize that if wants a walk, he will walk beside you. My two year old dachshund had a stubborn streak, and he sometimes became overly absorbed in a scent. If we pulled, he pulled back with all of his 20 pounds and we would reach a standstill.


Loose Leash Walking

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