Are You Prepared For A Puppy?

Are You Prepared? Page 37

Unfortunately, when a puppy is bought by someone who does not take into consideration the time and attention that dog ownership requires, it is the puppy who suffers when he is either abandoned or placed in a shelter by a frustrated owner. So all of the “homework” you do in preparation for your pup’s arrival will benefit you both. The more informed you are, the more you will know what to expect and the and the better equipped you will be able to handle the ups and downs of raising a puppy. Hopefully, everyone in the household is willing to take responsibility and do his part in raising and caring for the pup. The anticipation of owning a dog often brings a lot of promises from excited family members: “I will walk him every day,” “I will feed him,” “I will housetrain him,” etc..but the things take time and effort, and promises can easily be forgotten once the novelty of the new pet has worn off.

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