Dog Care Part 4….Why do you want a pet?

The Human Pack…Over 200 million dogs are kept as pets worldwide. Australia, North America, and France have the highest dog populations in ratio to households, while Japan has the fastest growing number of dogs.  Germany has a relatively small dog population. In China and Iceland, the number of dogs kept as pets is low because of strict controls.

Italy 5  Million     –                          Netherlands 1.4  Million

Spain 2.9  Million     –                     Germany 4.6  Million

Belgium 1.6  Million     –                 France10.8 Million

Scandinavia 2  Million     –             U.K.7.2 Million

North America 68 Million     –     Japan 7 Million

Australia 2.8 Million     –                Russia 10 Million

  • SHOW DOG – Showing dogs is a hobby for some and a passion for others. In order to win a show, the dog must be presented at the top of its form, fit, and be well groomed. ANNIE entered her 1st dog show on Saturday at the local fair…She won 2nd place.  It was fun but I won’t be making her a professional show dog. lol
  • WORKING DOGS – With their supple intelligence and readiness to cooperate, dogs are trained to assist humans in different ways. A guide dog for the blind, a hearing dog for the deaf, or a service dog for a physically disabled person, willingly fills the void created when an individual loses an important ability. Some dogs are trained to use their refined sense of smell to detect illicit drugs. Other dogs can follow ground or air scents to aid in avalanche and earthquake rescues.
  • LAPDOGS – Small lapdogs like ANNIE  can provide humans with an opportunity to satisfy their lifelong enjoyment of caring for living things.
  • HOUSE DOG – A family pet gives you an enormous amount of companionship and affection. Dog owners exercise outdoors more often than non-owners and report fewer minor health problems. They might even be less at risk from heart disease. I know when I get home even if I was only gone for 10 minutes…ANNIE is always at the door to greet me 🙂 and she is SO excited to see me.
  • GUARD DOG – Because of their natural desire to protect their pack and their territory, all canines, but especially the larger breeds, offer us security and protection.

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