Dog Care…Part 2

Choosing a puppy…

  1. The eyes should be clear and bright, and free from any discharge. There should be good pigmentation, and no sign of inflammation or irritation.
  2. The ears should be pink inside with neither an unpleasant odor nor any sign of crusty or waxy discharge, which may indicate ear mites.
  3. The skin should not be oily or flaky, and it should not have any sores or lumps. The hair should be firm and not come out when it is stroked.
  4. The gums should be pink and odor-free. Except in breeds such as the boxer, the teeth should meet perfectly.
  5. The anal region should be clean and dry. There should be no sign of diarrhea or other discharge from the genitals.
  6. When pick up, the puppy should feel firm and heavier than you expect. If the puppy is relaxed while being lifted, this is an indication that it might be easygoing as an adult.

One Response

  1. Aww Great post, I own six Westies and three Boxers, there so much fun.

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