Bad Dog! Have you ever yelled this at your dog?

Have you ever came home from work and found your new shoes chewed up? I have and was not happy about it either – Annie made a mess one day when I was gone and when I walked in the door ….Annie met me  at the door wagging her tail all excited to see me and as soon as I said “Annie” she knew by my tone of voice I wasn’t happy with her but I couldn’t even think of punishing her. It would have been easy to lose my temper with Annie but I knew that wasn’t the best way to handle it cause that only relieved my frustration and Annie had more than likely forgot what she had done wrong.

I have found out also that the longer she goes without playtime with someone or another puppy playmate then the bigger the chance is that she will chew up shoes, purses, etc. They have to have playtime and not just left on their own to entertain themselves.

I had heard that  dogs do not have the ability to reason, which is something that people have a tendency to forget, so scolding will not have the same effect on them.  I know when Annie has accidents and I fuss at her then the next time she tends to hide in a corner and do her business.

Annie doesn’t perform bad behavior to spite me she just has to be taught what makes me happy because that’s what makes her happy and in time she WILL learn. I have to be consistent in my training and know that she cannot go ALL day without a potty break as she is still a puppy. The best way to get results it to re-direct your puppy to an acceptable or wanted behavior. I know when I am home and get Annie out every 3 to 4 hours then I NEVER have to clean up any accidents.

For example, if your puppy keeps jumping on you and that’s not what you want when you walk in the door, so you just turn your back to him.  Ask her to sit and stay command and then reward her for this calm behavior. After repeating this over and over and over lol for a few weeks your puppy should start offering you an acceptable sit stay once you enter rather than the old unwanted behavior of jumping.

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