As Annie and I took a nap today I dreamed of my last 3 Dachshunds I had about 3 years ago  😦 2 were hit by a car – Candy was the mom she was 5 years old and Jessie was the little girl she was 4 years old and  Copper was the Dad -we think he died from a broken heart he was 6 years old.  This all happened within a 6 month period…Very dark days in my life (sniff sniff)

In my dream I had today Copper was in the house running around playing with Annie the little 1 year old Dachshund we have now (needless to say she goes NOWHERE without a leash on…if she gets ran over I guess I will too 🙂 but in my dream Copper was in the house and I told Copper he needed to be outside with Candy and Jessie so I took him outside and lo and behold I found 10 little baby Dachshunds 🙂 I love puppies.

The sad news is…I woke up and realized it was just a dream 😦   Annie was still napping with me and she gave me kisses to make me feel better… xxx

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  1. …i miss candy and copper and all the babies, and jessie..i still member them sending me home from work because i couldnt stop crying after you guys told me about candy..10 little babies..that mustv been the most precious dream..i love dashies, im glad annie was there to comfort you, she always does a good job!! ❤

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