What is the best kind of puppy for your Kids??

The Best puppy For kids

For the most part puppies and kids are a great match – because they often share a special bond together. But when people ask what is the best dog breed for children I don’t believe there is a right or wrong answer.

This is because the breed of the dog does not solely determine how your children and puppy will get along. All dogs, regardless of breed are individuals. The breed type is an important factor but it is only one of the main reasons that shape the temperament and behavior of your dog.

Small children should be watched carefully with puppies as if they are dropped it can be harmful. Annie is a dachshund and they have to be handled careful as their backs are more fragile and can go out real easy. My brother-in-law forked out like $1500 for surgery on his little dachshund and it still was not able to walk…he finally had to be put to sleep.

Some breeds are more suited to living with families with kids (Labrador, Golden Retriever etc.).

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