Should you Feed your Dog bones…

Dogs are a carnivorous animal, and as such, are often associated with chewing on bones. I myself prefer NOT to give my dog Annie any kind of bones as she is likely to choke on them. Annie has tried many times to get them 🙂 she is such a little beggar..I taught her how to sit up and now she sits beside many begging with her big brown eyes…so sad. She gets way to many treats as it is. I have read the only reason there is obese dogs is because their owner doesn’t walk enough.

Back to the chewing though..give them plenty of toys to chew on or you will be missing your favorite shoes or more. Last week Annie cost me…a retractable dog leash $8.00 (not hers mind you but another dog I was pet-sitting), computer mouse $30.00 (she chewed the cord) my husband was not to happy with that one and then the strap on my specialty Dachshund purse  (hopefully that can be repaired) I have heard if they don’t get enough attention they will find ways to entertain themselves and Annie was on a roll.

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