Puppy Love

PuppyLovesMe – What Puppylovesme is about all kinds of helpful information about you and your puppy, dog and sometimes a cat tidbit will pop up lol. This is also still in a learning phase of blogging and building web page so bear with me as I learn and any helpful suggestions you may have feel free to share them.

Puppylovesme – Why Puppylovesme is helpful to you is I try to find all kinds of helpful information on a daily basis that will benefit you and your puppy. So be sure and check back often for new information.  And just  for the fun of it be sure and check the quote of the day 🙂

Puppylovesme – When Puppylovesme was started…this blog started in 2011 but puppies have been a part of my life since I was born. I always said my 2 dream jobs if I gotta work is with puppies or at the library reading about them.

Puppylovesme – Where Puppylovesme is located is on-line but originated from the hills of Tennessee where the puppies and dogs can run free in fields of green grass.

Puppylovesme – Who Puppylovesme inspiration comes from is “Annie” my little short haired miniature daschund.

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